Sandanski, Bulgaria

Pashova house

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The house was built in 1815 by one of the richest sipahi in Serres and Melnik - Ibrahim Bey. It consists of a stone ground floor and flimsy. Western half of the basement was converted into a semi-basement with two rooms where the servants lived. A staircase leads to the hall of protruding bay floor. From there all eight rooms located on floor are accessible. The northern wall of the hall - all glass and wavy patterns from wooden lattice shows that the house was a harem of the Bey. In 1912, after the withdrawal of the Turks from this village, Yane Sandanski stays to live with his sister in the house. After his assassination in 1915, his sister continued to live there with the family Pramatarovi.  In 1926 the house became the property of Yancho Pashov, hence its current name.