Sandanski, Bulgaria

Zmeyova dupka

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The cave is situated 4.5 kilometers from the village of Pirin. It is situated opposite the Yavorova dupka (another reknown cave in the area). The route for the two sites is the same. The name of the cave is associated with a legend for a dragon that lived in it. Legend has it that the dragon fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the village and every night came to her carrying a large rock to make a house for her. The girl's mother found out about it and to rid her daughter of the dragon, she prepared a poisonous herb and poured it on her daughter. The dragon understood about this and got very mad. His wrath made a big storm. The girl was by the river to fill water at that time. The river dragged her and when the dragon saw this he turned into a tree standing in the middle of the river. The girl grabbed it but the river took them both away and no one ever saw them again.