Sandanski, Bulgaria

Hut Begovitsa

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The hut is located on the left bank of the Kozya (Begovishka) River, 1,750 meters above sea level.The building has three floors and has a capacity of 90 beds. Each floor has a bathroom and toilet. The hut has parking and is a camping site in the summer. The ground floor of the hut has a tourist canteen and kitchen, while the first floor has a restaurant which is open year round. Near the hut there are three ski lifts. Starting point for the hut is Sandanski. In the summer there’s organized transportation to Popina laka, and then the hut can be reached in two hours along a marked path.
Nearby tourist sites:
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- hut Pirin – 5 hrs
- shelter Tevno ezero – 3.30 hrs
- hut Vihren – 7 hrs
- hut Demyanitsa – 5.30 hrs
- hut Sinanitsa – 6.30 hrs
- hut Yane Sandanski – 1.30 hrs
- hut Bezbog – 7.30 hrs