Sandanski, Bulgaria

Hut Pirin

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The hut is located in the area "Trite reki" (Three rivers) at an altitude of 1640 m. The building is massive, with three floors and a capacity of 80 beds in rooms with four and six beds. Toilets and bathrooms are outside. The hut is heated by solid fuel stoves, it has water and electricity. Near the hut there’s a restaurant, which is seasonal. The starting point for the hut is Melnik.

 Other tourist attractions near the hut are:

-hut Malina – 2hrs
-hut Popovi livadi – 7 hrs
-hut Bezbog – 6 hrs
-shelter Tevno ezero – 4 hrs
-hut Demyanitsa – 6.30 hrs
-hut Kamenitsa – 5.30 hrs
- Rozhen Monastery – 4.30 hrs.