Sandanski, Bulgaria

Hut Yane Sandanski

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Hut "Yane Sandanski" is located 18 km from the town of Sandanski, in the area Popina laka. It is located  at 1,230 meters and is the low-lying hut in PirinMountain. Next to the hut is the old building, built in 1931 by the tourist company "Elin Pelin". In 1977 was built the new, three-story building that is used to date.The hut has 70 beds, bathroom on each floor, tourist kitchen and canteen. It has electricity and water. Near the hut are the following tourist attractions:
- Popina laka waterfall – 0.10 hrs
- hut Kamenitsa – 2 hrs on a market trail
- hut Sinanitsa – 5 hrs
- hut Vihren – 7 hrs
- hut Pirin – 7 hrs
- shelter Tevno ezero – 5 hrs