Sandanski, Bulgaria

Raven’s rock

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The rock is situated near the village of Kashina in proximity of the “Skoko” waterfall. It is called so, because the local people had confused the nesting bald-headed eagles with ravens. Nowadays, this kind doesn’t nest here anymore. The rock is impressively high - over 100 m and each stone block has its own weird shape. There is a legend for this rock which says that once upon a time there was a beautiful girl living in Kashina. Many young men wanted her for a woman, but she refused their proposals. Two dragons also saw her beauty and felt in love with her. They began to fight for her and black clouds hung over the village. With every collision of the two dragons lightnings whistled. Old and young were frustrted by this duel. One night, the young girl dressed in wedding dress went to the rock and jumped from it with the words: “Dear peasants, sorry. I am going to get a sacrificial rite still young and unmarried”.