Sandanski, Bulgaria

Pirin - Hut Bezbog

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Day 1 – Arriving in Gotse Delchev

Accommodation in hotel 3* with swimming pool

Day 2 - Departure from Gotse Delchev to hut “Bezbog” - 2.30 hours on marked path

Accommodation in hut “Bezbog”

Hut Bezbog
Hut Bezbog is located at 2240 meters altitude, on the shores of Lake Bezbojko, and is one of the newest and modern chalets in Pirin. It is a massive five-storey building with 130 beads, with common toilets and bathrooms. The hut is supplied with electricity, water and central heating. There is a restaurant, cafe, and small shop, a tourist cuisine and dining room. Near the hut there sport playground. There are conditions for skiing.

Afternoon walk to peak Bezbog – 1.30 hours

Peak Bezbog /2645m./
Bezbog is the name of peak in the Pirin Mountains, located on Polejansko lateral ridge. It is not one of the highest peaks with its 2645 m, largely in the shadow of the nearby peak Polejan. Located on a small branch of Polejansko ridge, that is starting from Polejan and splits again from the very peak Bezbog.
On еast begins Bezbojko hill, also known as “The three graves”, which embraces bound up under it Bezbojko Lake. Easily to climb is from hut Bezbog on a narrow path, which weaves between the dwarf pines and may lose more careless tourists. At the top is shaped large stone pile, with which is connected the legend of the name Bezbog. God Perun had a pretty daughter who lived near Samodivski lakes, but in the nearby cirque lived god Bess, who decided to steal the beauty. Her brother Djangal (see peak Djangal) learned about his attentions, and chase him until he finally caught him up on peak Bezbog. There killed him and buried him with stones - the pile creates such an impression. There is another explanation for the name at the peak - on Turkish time here was developed "impious slaughter" of girls, who was washing cloth in the lake.

Day 3 – Transition through Popovo Lake to peak Orlovets (Djano) - 2.30 hours

Popovo Lake
... is the largest of the eleven lakes in the group Popovi lakes. The lake and surrounding area is one of the most popular places for development of summer tourism in the Pirin Mountains. Popovo Lake is the largest in area and the deepest lake in Pirin, and ranks first in water volume. The lake has an area of approximately 123.6 acres, making it the fourth largest in Bulgaria (after Smradlivoto Lake, Gorno Ribno Lake and Bliznaka in Rila Mountain).
Popovo Lake is a part from the biggest Lake group in Pirin Mountain, which includes 16 lakes. All of them are connected by river system, which beginning is Restizhe River. The lake is located in the most picturesque part of Pirin - Northern Pirin. Is located in an altitude of 2270 meters and therefore the flora is very poor - around is mostly covered with grass and squats, some of which are centenarians.
In crystal clear waters of the lake are looking the surrounding it five peaks: “Momin dvor” “Kralev dvor”, “Djangal”, “Zhano” and “Sivria”. From here are passing several tourist routes, leading to peak Vihren and nearby lakes- Kremenski and Samodivski.

Peak Orlovets (Zhano), /2668m./
During the Revival process has been renamed Orlovets, but that name was not followed and the tourists continue to call him Zhano. Zhano is peak in Pirin in an altitude of 2668 m., located on the central ridge, between the saddle Demirkapiya and peak Chengelchal. Viewed from the Popovo Lake looks impressive, but is lower than the nearby peaks along the ridge to the south. It is not rocky, but rather covered with moraines. From it the main ridge turns to the south. To the north separates the short lateral ridge Dzhangalitsa and neighboring peak Sivria. The peak is surrounded by some of the largest lakes in Pirin – Popovo Lake and Kremenski.

Day 4 – Transition trough Tevno Lake to peak Djangal – 3.30 hours

Tevno Lake
... is part of the group of Malokamenishki Lakes - a group of lakes in the Pirin Mountain, in the valley of the river Bistrica. They are called so in the name of the peak Malka Kamenitsa. Another popular name, left over from the past, is Belemetski Lakes - on the name of the cirque Belemeto, in which they are located. In number are around 20, but only 8 are constant, while the rest are small and shallow and dry in summer. The largest and highest of them is Tevno Lake, which is located in northern of the group, near the peaks “Momin dvor” and Valyavishki chukar. Has elongated, curved shape that slightly looks like a kidney. His exact height is 2512 meters - that puts him in sixth place in height and is also in eighth place in size in Pirin (its area is twice larger than that of all five higher Lakes combined).


The Samodivski peak /Djangal/
Peak Djangal (2730 м) is one of the most beautiful peaks in mountain Pirin. His granite figure rises to the lateral Polejansko ridge, between the saddle “Djangalska porta” and peak “Momini Dvori”. Its slopes run down steeply to circuses surrounding it. From wherever to be seen, the peak have a majestic form. In tourist literature the name of the peak is most commonly associated with one of the meanings of the word "Djangal"- milking sheep, that has lost her lamb. When clipping those sheeps the shepherds left one strand of their wool to distinguish them from the others. Other associated the name with several legends, according to Zhang is a deity of the cult of god Perun; the name of a rebel, or the chief of a robber band, operated in the area. Djangal can be climbed from several locations. The most affordable and convenient path starts from Tevno Lake.

Day 5 – Transition to Kremenski lakes – 2.30 hours


Kremenski lakes
The Kremenski lakes are group of lakes in Pirin, consisting of two large and three small lakesр located in a narrow, but very well expressed cirque with the same name. They are surrounded by peaks Zhano, Sivria and by Kremenski hill, which is ending with peak Kremenski. They are drained by small flow in the river Retije. As lake group, they are the largest in the whole Pirin with their total area of 196 acres and total water volume of 1.56 million cubic meters. The main tourist routes in the area are passing by cirque Kremenski and the lakes in it, so they are not very well known to the tourists.

Day 6 – Transition to peak Polejan - 2.30 hours

Peak Polejan
Polejan (the old name is Mangar Tepe) is the highest granite peak (Carling) in Pirin and fourth in high after marble champions Vihren, Kutelo and Banski suhodol. It is at an altitude of 2851 m. It is the highest peak on Polejansko lateral ridge. Its old name, before being renamed in 1942, is Mangar Tepe, which comes from the Turkish word mangar- means coin. This is because the peak is covered with stone slabs, which, like the coins are shaken and room, when you walking on them. Around Polejan are located the two highest lakes in the Pirin – Gorno Polejansko (2710 m), which is highest in Bulgaria, and Gorno Gazeysko which is second in the Pirin Mountains (2642 m).

Return to Gotse Delchev with lift - 0.30 hours
Accommodation in hotel – 3* with swimming pool

Day 7 - Departure